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7 S T R AT E G I C P L A N N I N G Focusing on the Future A t the foundation of any good organization is a strategic plan. Each year, the Opticians Association of America (OAA) board develops a visionary strategic plan and adopts it at their annual meeting in October. We're proud to share these six objectives for 2018. 1: IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP FUTURE LEADERS FOR OUR PROFESSION. ACTION PLAN: Continue to invite students and apprentices from around the country to attend the OAA State Leadership Conference. Immerse these attendees in a leadership education track to help them understand the leadership opportunities that are available and how to involve themselves both at the state and national levels. Following the conference, OAA will continue to communicate with and cultivate these future leaders. 2: FOCUS ON STRENGTHENING CURRENT STATE OPTICIANRY ASSOCIATIONS AND DEVELOPING NEW ONES WHERE NEEDED. ACTION PLAN: Continue to have a national presence at state association meetings and conferences across the country. Support these meetings with the educational tools they need in order to host successful meetings. OAA continues to pledge to help states fight any legislation that may develop which might weaken or remove licensure in their home state. OAA will provide the resources necessary to guide them through the legislative process and potentially assist in funding these legislative battles. 3: REACH OUT AND RECRUIT NEW OPTICIANS. ACTION PLAN: Work with the ABO-NCLE to locate newly certified opticians and inform them of what is going on within the profession. Share the opportunities within their home state and how they might get connected and involved at the state level. OAA will continue to work with the National Federation of Opticianry Schools (NFOS) in order to help these students not only obtain their degree but also assist in their journey through their chosen field. 4: WORK TO BRAND AND MARKET THE OPTICIANRY PROFESSION TO THE PUBLIC AND OPTICIANS WITHIN THE FIELD. ACTION PLAN: Through videos, newspaper articles, a strong social media presence, meeting presentations and a new OAA website, OAA will continue to flood the market with information on what an optician is and does. This marketing of opticianry is essential to the continued growth of our profession and to help the general public understand the integral role opticians plan in the overall eye health system. 5: WORK TO IMPROVE THE MOBILITY OF THE OPTICIAN WORKFORCE. ACTION PLAN: Continue to work with states to help opticians from other states relocate within their state while ensuring their state laws and regulations are protected, thereby making the relocation of opticians more efficient. 6: BUILD STRONGER PARTNERSHIP TIES WITH THE OPTICAL COMMUNITY. ACTION PLAN: Continue to build on and create new partnerships within the optical community to ensure that OAA can provide the best initiatives and programs for our members. The optical community landscape is constantly changing, and it is essential that OAA helps its members navigate these changes to ensure that opticianry is protected and remains essential in the eye health process. Bob Reynolds is OAA's president.

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