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FALL 2017

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W hat is an optician? That is the question we would like all consumers to answer with ease. Not unlike dentists and pharmacists, a profession that deals with the public must have consumer awareness to move forward successfully—and that doesn't happen automatically. In a climate where the term "optician" is often misrepresent- ed, or misplaced with "frame stylist" or "optical assistant," it is critical to identify ourselves well and often, and educate con- sumers as to how we complete the circle in eyecare. As consum- ers understand our expertise they will choose the "optician" for their eyecare needs. The Opticians Association of America (OAA) has been ac- tively researching and implementing ideas to brand the Ameri- can optician for the past five years. The OAA's branding com- mittee has been addressing this need on many fronts such as informational Facebook videos, a new tag line, billboards, a public service announcement, newspaper articles, movie the- atre advertisements and more. Led by Shirley Earley, past pres- ident of the OAA, the committee meets monthly to discuss, dissect and implement the next exciting idea. In addition, understanding the importance of this endeavor, the OAA has contracted with a marketing specialist and con- sultant, Erik Tyler, who helps direct and fine tune the brand- ing committee's ideas, as well as regularly produces a brand- ing advertisement for the OAA. His expertise has produced the successful tag line, Opticians, Helping America See, which at a glance, answers the question: What is an optician? We spoke with Shirley and Erik about their views on marketing. Click on their picture at left to read the full interviews. Dibby Bartlett is OAA's vice president. 1 1 M A R K E T I N G Branding the American Optician • Brand security • Guaranteed sell-through • Sold only through independent ECPs • One rep for all brands • Lifetime warranties 800.621.4108 e y e w e a r

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