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Spring 2017

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2 1 877-721-3349 Schedule a free, one-on-one consultation with an iMatrix online marketing expert today! Bonus! Receive 40% off initial setup when you sign up for our website services! have a more whimsical look. Upscale boutiques tend to lean more to the sophisticated look. There are practices that even appeal to smaller markets because they know smaller markets can be more faithful. For instance, there are offices that sell to the LGBT community almost exclusively. Others may go for the more "heavy metal" look or the "motorcycle gang member chic" fashion. Having a unique practice such as those can help you develop a strong clientele that will remain faithful and do an incredible job promoting your business via word-of-mouth. Regardless of which branding approach you take, the important part is to stick with it. Branding to smaller, more defined markets will take time to build your business. Branding to the middle-of-the road may cause the high-end shoppers to turn their noses up at you and the lower market shoppers to decide that your prices are too high. But reaching out to the middle class may have the best appeal if you can provide things that the competition doesn't include. Let's finish this discussion with what I like to call the "Norm experience." Harkening again to the glory days of the 1980s television, I think back to the show Cheers. Loveable Norm was greeted every single time he walked in the door with a shout from the bar. "NORM!!!" This recognition of your customers as they come in for purchasing, dispensing or adjustments can go a long way in creating the family atmosphere that makes them want to shop with you forever… or as long as their insurance's vision plan will let them. But that's another article for another time. Kevin Harrison is the owner of Heritage Vision Center in Hatiesburg, Mississippi

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