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Spring 2017

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I have always been frustrated by the public perception of opticianry (or lack thereof ). Eyesight and vision are too often taken for granted. Many people benefit from our ser- vices and expertise, yet relatively few people know what we do or understand how much we impact our communities. With the help of the Opticians Association of America (OA A) Branding Committee, we may finally see this change. Last summer I contacted Shirley Earley and Dibby Bartlett to share some ideas. With the support and enthusiasm of the Branding Committee, we are working on some concepts. The primary foundation of these ideas is shown in this PowerPoint slideshow , which demonstrates different careers, hobbies and daily activities improved or made possible with the services of a professional optician. The videos will be placed on the OA A Facebook page and made available to any optical organization or state association. We'd also like to get them shown on television, perhaps as PSAs. We have contracted six videos with filmmaker Michael Dubois and I will create six others. Here is the first video from Michael . Here is an image that could be placed on a billboard, website, or used other ways. Funding is always a concern. I encourage anyone interested in contributing ideas, contacts, or funding to this project to please contact me . This is a project that will be ongoing and is beneficial to everyone in our industry and therefore, is of benefit to everyone. Period. Eric Williams, ABOC, is on the OA A Board of Directors. 1 1 B R A N D I N G Help Spread the Word A Legacy of Eyewear Excellence 800.USA.LAMY |

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