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THEN NOW Made for the way we use our eyes today. The average American spends 37 hours a week staring at electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and digital TVs. * Sound familiar? All of these devices emit blue light waves, which can cause eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. That's why HOYA lenses are specially formulated to absorb and block blue light. LENSES *Source: eMarketer, July 2013 ©2015 HOYA Corporation. 9 M E M B E R S H I P Is Being Part of a State Association Important? W e all have questioned, "What's in it for me?" at one time or another. As with anything in life, it takes a village of people to accomplish things. That's why being a member of a state association is important. A group working together can accomplish so much more than one person acting alone. How can a state opticianry association benefit you? 1. Through giving advice and getting ideas from others, you support and enhance each other. It's called networking. 2. Take charge of your career by having access to job listings, printed materials and information on educational classes. 3. Find a mentor or be a mentor to an optician who is new to the profession. Whatever it is we want to do in our profession, we need each other to do it and do it well. Through networking and mentoring, your state associations can help you with that. Some people are totally passionate about being part of a state and/or national opticianry association. What motivates them? What do they get out of it? To find out, I interviewed three notable opticianry leaders: Shirley Earley of Ohio, Karen Jackowski of Michigan and George Bourque, Jr. , of Massachusetts, and asked them the following questions. 1. What made you get involved in your association? 2. How has it helped you in your profession? 3. How do you feel being an involved optician helps the profession? Click on each of their names to discover what motivates each one to be an association leader and what benefit they feel they get from association membership. Sue Shire is chair of the Opticians Association of America's Communications Committee.

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