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Summer 2017

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VISION EASE 2 0 clariti ® 1 day toric clariti ® 1 day multifocal MyDay ® daily disposable clariti ® 1 day TM . Discovering new ways to help your customers. VISION EASE you do not have to use every piece of P-O-P stuff they send you all at the same time. You can choose to rotate it on a monthly basis, or use just one or two pieces and store the others. One approach is to let your rep set up the display how they would like it. This works well if you have space to highlight a particular brand in your store. Have the rep order the P-O-P supplies and then inform that rep that the P-O-P will be waiting for them when they come back through. CO-OP Finally, don't forget that these companies want you to succeed. The more they can help you sell their product, the more you will purchase from them and the more successful you will become. This extends beyond the four walls of your store. When advertising, don't forget that these companies often have co-op dollars available to help you present their frame brands to your marketplace. Most companies have a dollar amount you must reach in sales to use their co- op dollars and other limitations. Make sure you are aware of each of those before getting stuck with 100% of an advertising bill! A good working relationship with your vendors and with their representatives will go a long way toward helping you develop and grow your business. Kevin Harrison is the owner of Heritage Vision Center in Hattiesburg, MS, and a contributing editor to American Optician.

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