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Summer 2017

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1 9 opportunity to introduce new products into your store at no obligation. If the frames don't work, you simply return them. If they sell through quickly, then it may be a great addition to your frame mix. BUILDING THE RELATIONSHIP Once you have introduced the product line, it's time to build the relationship with the representative. More precisely, it is time for them to build that relationship with you. Reps will entice you to purchase their wares in a variety of ways. Many of them will feed you, while others will offer you special discounts and free frames. While donuts and M&M's may help you make it through your morning, they don't help your product move. The better reps will do whatever it takes to get you to wear their products. They understand that if you wear their product, you are much more likely to sell it. Some will offer a frame to you for free, while others will have to follow company policy and give you a discount. This can impact your bottom line much better than a bag of M&M's! LOYALTY Once you have developed a relationship with a vendor and its representative, it's time to build loyalty with them. Loyalty means working with the company to continue to sell its products and to essentially be a brand manager within your store. Building loyalty can get you preferential treatment when it comes to supplying your products in a more timely fashion than dispensaries that only purchase a small amount of frames per year. New lines and new product can arrive for your frame boards before they arrive in other stores. POINT-OF-PURCHASE MATERIALS Good reps will overload you with point-of- purchase (P-O-P) materials to help highlight their products in your store. You can get displays, signage, banners and much more to use when showcasing a product. There are a few important things to remember about P-O-P materials. First,

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