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A s mentioned in early issues of the American Optician, the Opticians Association of America's branding team has tirelessly explored ways to help everyone under- stand what opticians do. One of the results of this work was the creation of videos that help the public understand us. Recently, several new videos have been added to OA A's Facebook page . Eric Williams (OA A board member) teamed up with Mi- chael Dubois (OA A tech person) and created an opticianry consumer awareness video . Within a few weeks, this video reached over 1,600 people across Facebook. Also, YouTube confirmed 538 of those 1,600 viewers watched the video from beginning to end. This single 49-second video is a glimpse of small videos yet to come. Williams created a second video that reached 807 people, 122 of whom watched it in its entirety. Another one was recently added, too . With your help liking, sharing and reacting to these vid- eos (and more going up on the site), they can become a national statement. Eric Williams explained: "The video format used to this point was designed to create a sense of attachment with the viewer. The primary purpose is to make the viewer feel con- nected to the day-to-day activities their clear and healthy sight helps them experience. What if their sight wasn't clear? Opticianry is easily forgotten when it comes to health- care, yet we positively impact the lives of just about every- one we know with the services we provide." When we help people see, we help people do. Kyle Beaudet, ABOC, is on the OA A Board of Directors. 1 1 B R A N D I N G OAA Adds More Opticianry Videos on Facebook A Legacy of Eyewear Excellence 800.USA.LAMY |

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