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Spring 2017

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VISION EASE 2 0 clariti ® 1 day toric clariti ® 1 day multifocal MyDay ® daily disposable clariti ® 1 day TM . Discovering new ways to help your customers. VISION EASE themselves in trademark eyewear (and neckwear in Mr. Simon's case). So what is it that brands you and how do you get that brand out to the public? TURN CUSTOMERS INTO CLIENTS Branding opportunities occur in everything that provides messages to the public, for example, your look as well as your price structure. Branding properly can make you stand out from your competition. Let's look at branding for price first. Everyone knows the cheap place in town. Think of the places that come to mind when you think of furniture. It usually involves a heavily decked-out personality screaming about no-interest financing and a free TV with every couch. The lowest prices in town!! We all recall the loud and obnoxious commercials we would see on TV as children. Those commercials worked. They drew people in because they got noticed. You may not have liked the commercials. You may have even made jokes about them with your college buddies. But you remembered them. But here comes the tricky part: How many of those furniture stores are still in business? Branding your business as the cheapest in town only works while you're the cheapest in town. Price customers are loyal to the price – not the business. Businesses that are trying to brand themselves as quality are increasingly eliminating the prices and sales from their advertising. They want to build the business more slowly and turn their customers into clients. FINDING YOUR NICHE Branding with your look is another approach. There are a number of optical offices that brand using a certain look. Practices specializing in children will

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