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Winter 2017

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2 3 877-721-3349 Schedule a free, one-on-one consultation with an iMatrix online marketing expert today! Bonus! Receive 40% off initial setup when you sign up for our website services! Equally important is maintaining the best work environment. Littauer's book explains how to get the most from each employee by recognizing each one's personality and how they respond best. Occasionally you will find that one personality does not work well with any of the others in your office. Using the baseball metaphor, you can have an all-star player but if he doesn't play well with others, he will bring the entire team down. The entire environment will improve when that person is released to play for somebody else. You may lose a star player, but the entire team will work better and you could have a breakout star waiting in the wings. Keeping the right personnel around can be difficult. Sometimes the staff you want to stay will want to leave and those you wish would leave will hang around long enough to frustrate you. For the former, it is amazing to discover the reason they are leaving. Gary Chapman explains in his book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace that "…the number one factor in job satisfaction is not the amount of pay but whether or not the individual feels appreciated and valued for the work they do." Chapman explains five ways to express staff member appreciation that make them feel valued. In T he Energy Bus , author Jon Gordon tell us, "It's not easy to deal

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