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2 2 You own your dispensary and you have all of the products that everyone wants to buy. Your lab is filled with the latest equipment for processing the highest quality lenses. Your dispensary is the most modern and inviting in a five-county area and people are flocking to your door. What else could you ever need? How about the right people to sell, run the equipment, and manage your operation? Your business is only as good as the people working there. Just like a baseball team may have the best stadium and the latest equipment, if they don't have the right players to get their goal, then they will quickly be looking at empty stands. Look at your staff as a team and you will quickly see what it takes to get the pieces to fall into place. TRYOUTS The initial interview process is your first step in weeding through potential candidates. If you're starting a store from Go Team! How to Hire for the Win Part five in a series exploring obstacles managers face—and how to fix them. scratch, determine what staffing needs you have and how many people you need to meet those needs. In this case, finding the utility player for your team is probably the wisest approach. For example, look for someone who can handle customers as well as do lab work to save a bit on payroll costs and keep you from paying people to sit around waiting for the next customer to walk in. For established businesses with higher volumes, it may be wiser to let staff specialize in what they do but cross- train a couple to step out of or into the lab or sales support areas as necessary. THE LINEUP Finding the right person and putting them in the right place is paramount for having the best team possible. You may have the finest first baseman to ever play the game, but you cannot win if you have him on the pitcher's mound. In the dispensary, you want that friendly, service-oriented person. Likewise, you may want the person with the best manual dexterity in your lab. Although it is an older book, I like to put each of my employees through the personality test found in Personality Puzzle by Florence and Marita Littauer. It helps me determine which jobs in my office each would be better suited for. • By Kevin Harrison

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