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1 6 THE STORY OF SIGHT A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT SIGHT: THE STORY OF VISION BY MARK MATTISON-SHUPNICK A documentary and planetarium film celebrating the science, medicine, technology and humanity of sight was the goal of the SIGHT project started in January 2014. Given the breadth of the subject and the number of people doing so many great things in eyecare, it culminated in more. Today, the SIGHT Project includes a one-hour documentary, narrated by Sir Elton John, which premiered on public television October 13th (World Sight Day). SIGHT, The Story of Vision, has been screened more than 325 times on 158 stations/channels in 73 markets across the U.S. It was launched with a companion eBook (underwritten by CooperVision ) containing interviews, videos and images created during the film's development. A full-dome planetarium film titled, SEEING, A Photon's Journey Across Space, Time and Mind narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson (underwritten by ZEISS ), was developed to educate school children about eyes and the importance of an annual eye exam. To make these films real at the local level and to coincide with ongoing rebroadcasts of SIGHT, The Story of Vision and planetarium screenings, public television (PTV) affiliates around the country will host outreach events during 2017 that include free vision screenings, information about available vision services and an introduction to local providers. Outreach events will be coordinated by SOPTV and the PTV affiliates. There are 160 PTV affiliates across the nation. SIGHT: THE STORY OF VISION SIGHT, The Story of Vision , weaves a story thread about how an individual's sight is affected by normal refractive conditions, disease, aging and war. Regardless of whether you are part of the developing world or in a modern city, an individual's sight changes continually over their lifetime. Through interviews, video and animations SIGHT describes how those dedicated to sight's management and improvement can help restore vision using spectacles, contact lenses, surgery or invention. Sir Elton John, the film's narrator, describes it as follows, "This is a story about how our eyes and our brains work to create the images of the world in our head; and the people that drive the science, medicine and technology that keeps them working for us." A large part of the film uses animation to illustrate the common conditions that affect human vision . The intent was to provide the viewing public the tools to better understand their own eye problems or of those around them. With this information, they can better communicate with their ECP. This film showcases the ECP's dedication to managing and improving sight. Visit the SIGHT website and Facebook page for information about local public TV and PBS screenings of the film or to purchase the DVD. You can also visit Vimeo On Demand to stream the film. SECOND SCREEN Second Screen is an interactive iOS and Android app for tablet and smartphone that allows access to other SIGHT subject videos . Watch any or all for a deeper look at subjects highlighted in the film. They include: The ECHO Honduras Cataract Campaign, Dr. Kozarsky; A Short History of Spectacles; The Work of Eye Banks; How Glasses are Made; Eye Mitra/

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