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1 3 J ohnna Dukes, a member of Opticians Association of America's (OAA's) branding committee, had the idea of having OAA's public service announcements (PSAs) shown on television stations to inform the public about what an optician is. She was able to get two stations in her area to run them. You can do this too. Here's how: 1. Search the internet for television stations in your state. 2. Look up the website for each station. 3. Look for the sales or advertising department on the website. Most sites will have an email contact listed for their sales people. 4. Send the advertising representative an email requesting the PSA be aired. You will probably need to email more than once because PSAs don't make their station any money. Here's an example of how to compose your email: Dear , Hi, my name is and I'm a director of the board for the [association name here]. We are a non-profit organization trying to create awareness about what an optician is and why what we do is of service to the public so we created a PSA. As your station has a great outreach, we would love for you to put this PSA into your PSA rotation. Here is a link to the video: com/watch?v=eJhx5gtVzIQ& I look forward to speaking with you further about this. Thank you for your consideration. Free advertising … just for the asking; all it takes is a little of your time. Sue Shire is OAA's Communications Director Help Promote our PSAs B R A N D I N G A Legacy of Eyewear Excellence 800.USA.LAMY |

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