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M any of you are familiar with the Guild. But do you really know what it was conceived to be? The Guild of Prescription Opticians was founded in 1926 to establish and ensure the highest standard of skills in our profession, and reward those who provide the finest quality products and services. Although the Guild is approaching 100 years old, the standards it set forth to promote are more relevant today than ever. Quality and service should not be considered a thing of the past. In many aspects of our lives, we have become conditioned to think this is true, but truly, isn't this an opportunity to set ourselves apart? We have always thought of the Guild as establishments and businesses, but based on it's very name, what if we completely changed our perception of the Guild? What if we reinvented the Guild of Prescription Opticians to identify and honor the highest qualified opticians instead of offices and businesses. Individuals instead of establishments – it's an idea worth exploring, especially as more opticians find positions in highly diverse ophthalmic office settings. It would certainly require some changes to the bylaws, but it does warrant some serious thought. Individuals who demonstrate that they meet the criteria created for this honored position would be bestowed the title of Guild Optician. Think about it and let's have a discussion on the possibilities. Why not? Tom Barracato is the Chair of the Guild of Prescription Opticians and OA A Immediate Past-President 1 2 G U I L D C O R N E R Reimagining the Guild The Future of the Guild Survey Established in 1926, the Guild of Prescription Opticians (the Guild) is governed by a code of ethics that requires its members to maintain the highest level of professional opticianry, thereby protecting the consumers' interests; meet the high standards of the Guild to ensure that efficiency and service are always provided; furnish a source for eyecare products and services independent of those prescribing for eyecare needs; promote the conservation of human eyesight; supply only the finest quality optical products and services, representing the state-of-the-art of opticianry; and participate in and encourage continuing education for eyecare professionals. Since its beginning, the Guild has always been an independent optical dispensary owners' membership group. At a recent meeting, the Guild council discussed allowing individuals to be a part of this historic organization. In order to further this discussion, the Guild is asking for your input on the possible expansion of this valuable OA A membership category. The link below will connect you to a short survey that will enable you to have your voice be heard on what the requirements of an individual should be in order to qualify as a Guild Member. Whether you are a current Guild member or an individual OA A member, your input in this discussion is extremely valuable. Please let us know your thoughts. Chris Allen is OAA's Executive Director TAKE THE GUILD SURVEY NOW!

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