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O ne of the most delightful duties I had this year as Director of the Opticians Association of Massachusetts (OAM) was to present our very own Kyle Beaudet with the Optician of the Year Award. This was not a difficult choice. Kyle is exceptional in so many ways. I first met Kyle in one of the traveling tunnels in Washington, DC in November 2012. He was attending what is now known as OptiCon with a friend, seeking the best educa- tion he could find. The Massachusetts contingent has a custom of inviting any others from the state to dine with them, and he obliged. As we got to know him, we recognized his quest for excellence in his own life. Kyle attended our next conference in Massachusetts with his work boots on and jumped in at every level. He carried, he fixed, he plugged us in, he unpacked and he packed. He was there at every turn saying, "What can I do?" He was invited to the Opticians Association of Massachu- setts Board of Directors meeting and he joined as an associate director. Again, taking on and leading new projects. In January 2016, Kyle attended the Opticians Association of America's (OAA's) Leadership conference in Florida. He was voted by his peers to be the first student/apprentice representa- tive on the OAA Board of Directors. After successfully completing his ABO/NCLE and practical exam in 2016, Kyle was voted in as a full Director to the Opti- cians Association of Massachusetts. He is now a full director of the Opticians Association of America…. at 29 years old. Kyle did all this in four years. This is what else he has accom- plished during this time: • Created an ophthalmic tech program for his workplace. • Created a program for apprentices in his workplace. • Mentored six apprentices for licensure. • Created a Facebook page for students and apprentices to pro- mote communication beyond a conference. • Created a Facebook page for the Opticians Association of America. • Working on a Career Ladder for Opticians nationally. 1 1 C O M M U N I C AT I O N S Watch Kyle Go! • Participated in the task analysis and written session of the ABO exam. • Coordinated the classroom monitoring schedule for all of OptiCon, with eight different course tracks over several days. • Attended and participated in the National Collaboration Team meeting as an OAM representative. …and I should add, during this time, he also got married and had a baby. Kyle is tireless. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is the ultimate helper. He has become well known and tremendously respected nationally while quietly and hum- bly demonstrating immense leadership skills. Congratulations to Kyle Beaudet. Just watch him go! Dibby Bartlett is OAA's Second Vice President

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